Welcome to Malta!

Situated in the Mediterranean Sea, Malta is only 93 km far from Sicily, and 290 km from Libya and Tunisia. The archipelago is made up of 3 main islands: Malta, the biggest one (246 square km),with capital Valletta, the small island of Comino, completely deserted in winter, and Gozo.

Few countries can count on the same concentration of history, architecture and beaches on such a limited surface. There are rich testimonies of a past which is rooted in ancient history, and Malta seems to be the perfect place for those who wish to combine a relaxing holiday in a seaside location with a more challenging journey dedicated to culture and history. Isolated for centuries, submitted and dominated by the Phoenicians, Romans, Byzantines, Arabs, Normans, French and Aragons, this was the Sovereign of the order of the Knights, conquered by France and England, and it has always represented a bridge among different cultures, traditions and languages, though preserving its identity.

Malta is the last southern outpost of Europe and it is placed in the middle (both from a physical and commercial point of view) of the Mediterranean Sea. Its territory has been populated since the pre-historic age by a mysterious and advanced civilization which has left buildings of impressive grandiosity, with a unique documentation regarding the Copper Age. But it was thanks to the Order of Knights of the Hospital of St John that Malta turned into the jewel-case of art and history as we know it today.

The Order of Knights was a congregation made up of strong souls and uncommon personalities, concentrated in a quite small place. This also had a strong influence on the landscape, which has always been characterized by the façades of gorgeous palaces and the domes of fine baroque churches, more than by woods and hills. The construction of the impregnable and elegant town Valletta, lately turned into the city capital of Malta, was also ordered by the Knights. The town is both a genial military outpost and a place rich of fine art works.

However, Malta doesn’t offer just art and culture. The climate of Malta, which permits to bathe until late autumn, and the clean waters of its sea make it a little paradise also for tourists in search of relax. The islands of the archipelago are the result of a unique combination of architectural, artistic, prehistorical and historical events, as well as environment factors. All this is topped by some of the bluest waters of Mediterranean sea.

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