Order of the Knights of Malta

The Cross of Malta, symbol of the Order of the Knights, has Italian origins, precisely in the area of Amalfi. The cross is eight-pointed, to represent either the 8 nationalities of the Knights (Italy, France, Provence, Alvernia, Castille, Aragon, Germany and England) and the 8 principles on which their code is based: spirituality, simplicity, humility, sympathy, justice, mercy, sincerity, endurance.

The Knights were aristocrats coming from the most important European families, who pursued a fundamental mission: to protect the Catholic belief and all Europe from the attacks of the Ottomans. The so called Co-Cathedral in Valletta takes its name from the fact that the original bishop seat was San Paolo in Mdina, when Mdina was the city capital. But when Valletta became the capital, the archbishop of Malta was left with two important and big churches. For this reason, in 1816 the Holy Seat named the church the Co-Cathedral.

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