Maltese Cuisine

Maltese cuisine is an interesting mix of Sicilian, Italian, African, English and Mediterranean cuisine. Among the main courses there are delicious fish soups (’”aljotta” and “soppa ta’l-armla“), mixed vegetables prepared with eggs, ricotta cheese and “gbejniet”, the little cheese from Gozo; the “timpana”, a timbale made with pasta, beef and pork meat; the “ravjul, ravioli filled with ricotta cheese and served with tomato sauce; and the “ross fil-forn”, rice cooked in the oven like a timbale, with crushed meat and beacon.

The most typical Maltese dish is the rabbit (fenek), cooked in many different ways: the “fenek biz zalza”, prepared with wine, onions and herbs and the “torta talfenek” a sort of pie. The typical dish served for dinner is called “fenkata”, which includes spaghetti with rabbit sauce, roasted or grilled rabbit, nuts and figs as dessert. Fish is present on every table in Malta, especially the lampuka, prepared in a pie, and the “torta tal-lampuki”, which represents the local fish specialty. According to tradition this fish, known as the dolphin fish, is cooked in the oven with a sauce made with tomatoes, onions, black olives, capers, spinaches, eggs and nuts. Very tasty is also the octopus, stewed in red wine (“stufatt tal-qarnit”). Another delicacy not to miss is bread, with a crispy crust and very smooth inside.

Hereunder are some other typical dishes

  • Putizza, the traditional Maltese snack, made of a thin layer of pasta filled with ricotta cheese or peas purée.
  • Aljotta, fish soup made with tomato, rice and lots of garlic.
  • Bragioli, smashed meat rolled and cooked in a red wine sauce.
  • Uabbajt, the typical Maltese torrone, flavoured with nuts and almonds, while the Mqaret are some diamond-shaped fried pastries filled with spiced pieces of dates.
It is not unusual to find in Malta restaurants which serve some good Italian dishes, especially pizza and pasta.

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