Events in Malta

The main religious festivals Maltese are derived, such as those for the celebration of their patron saint. On the occasion of these festivities are held true scales of festivals with music, fireworks, stalls selling traditional sweets, are held almost every weekend between May and October.

The religious festivals are real events in the Maltese family and the life of small villages. Each village has its festival that it usually falls on a Sunday to celebrate its patron saint. Usually between almost every country there is fierce competition for organizing the event more spectacular and expensive: the play that will best give greater prestige to the parish and greater strength to the saint himself.

On 10 February, at Valletta, we celebrate the Feast of the shipwreck of St. Paul.

In early March there is the Carnival week.

28 and 29 June we celebrate the feast L-Imnarjae, the harvest festival with an exhibition of traditional farming and racing horses. The last weekend of July, at San Giorgio, it has an important holiday, especially in Gozo, where in Victoria, in Republic Street, held a horse race. August 15th, many countries celebrate the Ascension of the Virgin.

On 8 September in Malta is celebrated the victory over the Turkish armed and the end of the Great Siege of 1565. Coincides with another victory, the end of the bombing of 1942 and the celebration of the birth of the Virgin Mary.

Another event very stable characteristic is the market at Marsaxlokk, situated in the southwestern corner of the island. Every Sunday is held on the fish market, supported also by a general market. It is possible to buy freshly caught good fish at very low prices.

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